Eazy Cash Payday Loans

Need a little extra cash to get you through?
Looking for a convenient place to cash a check?
Want to wire some money in a hurry?

Eazy Cash payday loans assists people with emergency and short term cash advance in same day, hassle free payday loans. Honest service, great customer support and reasonable rates make us the company you can count on. Eazy Cash aims at giving clients the possibility to perform their daily personal money transactions without long lines, transaction delays. You’ll get the financial services you need, and the customer service you deserve.

At EAZY CASH, We offer a wide variety of services including payday loans, cheque cashing, wire transfers, gold buying, car title loans and prepaid cards.We provide our services at a competitive rate, while offering the highest level of customer service, credit solutions and support. 

Payday Loans

Can't wait until next payday? Need cash quickly? Get approved instantly.

Cheque Cashing

Bring your cheque and get cash right away. Cheque cashing was never so easy.

Money Transfer

Receiving or sending money back home to the loved ones? We at “Eazy Cash” are a part of you.

Own a Car ? Get a Loan !

Car Loans made nationwide. You can borrow $1 to $10,000 based on your vehicle’s value.

Tax Filling

We can even file your taxes at lowest prices in Canada in a secured and friendly atmosphere.

Gold Buying

Walk in with your old gold and walk out with cash in your pocket.