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EazyCash:: Quick Cheque Cashing Services in Ottawa

Eazy Cash: Fast & Efficient Cheque Cashing in Ottawa

Eazy Cash makes cheque cashing in Ottawa. easy and quick. Just bring in your Cheque and get cash right away. Cheque cashing is made easy at “Eazy Cash” because we make you feel your cheque is as good as cash. Our aim is to get you cash when you need it, and our goal is to make customers happy.

With one of the lowest fees in Canada you can be sure you are getting the most out of your cheque. We also offer special cheque-cashing services and discounts for regularly enrolled companies. Please visit us at our locations in Ottawa.

How Cheque Cashing Works with Eazy Cash

When you need a cheque to be cashed fast, turn to Eazy Cash. We turn thousands of cheques into cash, instantly! Our cheque cashing service doesn’t require a bank account so you can get access to your cash instantly, with no holds. We cash most types of cheques- even those large, hard-to-cash cheques that other companies can’t handle.

If your bank account has long been held or if you don’t have a bank account, it’s time to say bye-bye to banks and hello to Eazy Cash! Why wait days to receive your money from the bank when you can have cash in your hand right now? Whether it’s a pay cheque, government cheque, insurance, money order, or many other types of cheques, you can feel confident knowing that cash will be paid to you when you need it – NOW!

Contact Eazy Cash for Cheque Cashing Services in Ottawa

Contact us now if you have any questions about cheque cashing and we will be happy to help answer them. Find out more today, and get your cash immediately.

Cash your Cheque at Eazy Cash # 281 Montreal Road, Ottawa, On, K1L6C2

For more information email at: customercare@eazycash.ca or call: 1-613-699-0011

  • Payroll
  • Government
  • Small Business
  • Personal*
  • Post-dated
  • Insurance claims and court settlements
  • Money orders
  • And more*

*Some conditions apply, ask a representative for details.

Payday Loan and Cash Advance
No more Our convenient check cashing service doesn’t require a bank account so you can get your cash without the hassle. And because we use a proven system for verifying and assessing the risk on each check cashing transaction, we can cash most types of checks – even those hard to cash checks the other companies won’t handle.
Payday Loan and Cash Advance

1. Do we receive cash or money loaded on the cards?

We only do our payouts in cash

2. Do we get cash right away?

There are no holds on the Cheques, you get cash right away once all the information is verified.

3. Is there a fee to open an account?

No there is No Fee to open an account with us.

4. What type of I.D is accepted?

Only government-issued valid photo I.D’s


Payday Loan and Cash Advance