How To Get The Exact And Appropriate Money For Your Gold From Gold Buyers Near You In Ottawa?

Ottawa gold buyers

Gold selling in Canada is a tough job, so as in Ottawa, Ontario it is very hard to find a good gold buyer for your precious gold. Since the gold rates are inversely proportional to the dollar value that means whenever there is a weakness in the dollar , the gold rate increases and vice versa.  There are various factors you should’ve seen before taking your gold for selling in the market, here in this blog you will see some tips with the help of which you can get appropriate money for your unused gold. 

  1. Get Help From Others: It is good to take suggestions from your friends or relatives who had sold their gold in the past. Ask about their experience and process, get a list of four to five buyers and then research each of them and finally choose the right one.
  2. Search On The Internet: You can take the help of the internet, there you will find several gold buyers. Go to the website of each of these buyers and make sure if they are giving the actual amount for your gold as they are offering. 
  3. Lookout For The Correct Gold Rate: We all know gold rates are always keep changing there is no long term fixed price for the gold. Since the gold rates depend on the dollar, so the changes can happen even in every 15 min that’s why you should always check the exact market price of gold before every gold selling , otherwise in most of the cases the gold buyers will take advantage of your little market knowledge that will result in selling of your gold in a price less than the market .
  4. See The K On Your Gold: Here we are talking about how many karats of gold does your selling piece contains. K is the short form for Karat, there are five types of them 24k, 22k,  18k, 14k and 10k. Karat represents the quality of gold. If you are going to sell your jewelry you can find the karat under it. Buyers decide the worthiness of your gold by this k and give you money according to it.
  5. Type Of Jewelry: The money you will receive in exchange for your gold will depend on the type of gold you are selling. In the case of bullion, most of the buyers will give you 90% to 99% of the market value of the gold while if you are selling jewelry made of gold you will receive 70% to 90% of the market rate.
  6. Mode Of Payment: You should also ensure the fact that whether the buyer is giving you cash, or cheque or any other method of payment. Most of the sellers choose cash in hand because it is the safest method of transaction.


Hence, these were some tips you should follow before taking your gold for sale. Eazycash is one of the most popular gold buyers in Ottawa, they are in the market for more than 10 years. Eazycash makes your gold selling process fast and easy, in addition to it, they give you possible exact amounts for your gold which is more than the other gold buyers in Ottawa. Just give them a call at 613-699-0011 or you can visit Eazycash which is located at 1356 Clyde Ave, Ottawa, ON, K2C 3Z4.

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