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Prepaid Long Distance Calling Cards from Eazy Cash in Ottawa

With a large variety of long distance calling cards for almost every country in the world, we try our best to bring your loved ones closer to you. Prepaid long distance is an essential staple in the prepaid category. Millions of consumers rely on long distance calling cards as a low-cost alternative to connect with friends and family abroad, so purchase prepaid calling cards today!

How do I use my prepaid calling card?
The instructions are very simple. The general steps are:
✓ Dial the toll-free number or local access number provided
✓ Enter your phone card PIN number
✓ Enter the destination number
It’s just like using a regular phone card, and you can use your instant phone card from any telephone in the home, office, school, etc. However, be careful of special surcharges when calling from campus phones or payphones.

How do I find a local access number for my phone card?
To find a local access number, see the list of numbers printed on the card and search for your area code. Dial the number which corresponds to your area code.

How long can I keep using my calling card?

Unfortunately, these phone cards do not last forever. Many of them have an expiration date (usually 60, 90, 120 or 180 days). As a result, your phone card is only valid until the expiration date or until all minutes are used, whichever comes first. Please read the description to check the expiration date.

Purchase Prepaid Long Distance Calling Cards from Eazy Cash

If you would like to pick up prepaid calling cards for international dialling, contact Eazy Cash by mail (Eazy Cash, 281 Montreal Road, Ottawa, On, K1L6C2), email at: EAZYCASH@OUTLOOK.COM or call: 1-613-699-0011

Prepaid wireless provides consumers with an alternative to traditional wireless services plans. No credit check, contract or security deposit is required. Prepaid subscribers simply purchase airtime in advance from their local Eazy Cash store. It is a great alternative for unbanked or credit challenged consumers who do not meet the credit requirements for traditional wireless services.
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International mobile top-up allows consumers to stay connected with their friends and family abroad by purchasing long distance mobile airtime on their behalf at a local Eazy Cash store. The recipient instantly receives a text message notifying them that their account has been topped-up in their local currency.
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