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Tax Filing Ottawa | Ontario By Eazy Cash

Our tax professionals at Eazy Cash offer convenient, accurate and affordable tax preparation with the knowledge of how to maximize each and every Tax return they prepare. In other words, we ensure that you will benefit from every deduction and credit available to you.

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  • Children or other dependants
  • Tuition, Education & Textbook amounts
  • Medical expenses
  • Provincial tax credits
  • Charitable/Political donations
  • Child care expenses
  • Support payments
  • Union and/or professional dues
  • Apprentice Mechanic or Tradesperson’s Tool expense claim
  • Transit Pass Credits
  • Child Fitness amount credit
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We charge $35.99* for a basic tax return .To book an appointment call 1-866-578-4838.

For more information please visit www.cra.gc.ca or call CRA at 1800-959-8212

( * conditions apply )

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1. How Long does it takes to do a tax return?

Although the average return takes up to two hours to complete, the amount of time you spend will depend on you and your return.

2. What do bring in?

- Proof of income
- Valid photo ID
- Receipts for any claims made

3. I haven’t filled my taxes for previous years, is it a problem?

No problem at all. We can file taxes for you without any further delays .You might qualify for a special discount *.
(* Ask representative for details)

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