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Western Union Money Transfer Ottawa – Eazy Cash

Western union money transfer in Ottawa , Ontario where Millions of people trust Western Union to send and receive money worldwide, through over 400,000 agent locations in 200 countries. Most money transfers complete in under 15 minutes! Send and receive money worldwide in a safe and secure transaction. It’s fast. It’s reliable.

  • For rates, call 1.800.235.6000
  • For additional information go to

Money Transfer with Eazy Cash # 281 Montreal Road ,Ottawa, On, K1L6C2 or #1356 Clyde Ave, Ottawa, On, K2C 3Z4

For more Information email at: info@eazycash.ca or call: 1-613-699-0011

  • While sending money always make sure that you know the person to whom you are sending the money. We advice that only transfer money to some-one you know personally or whose identity you can verify!
  • If you are purchasing services or goods and paying through the Western Union network, it is your responsibility to verify the reputation and legitimacy of the seller. Western Union is not responsible for the non-receipt or quality of any goods or services.
  • Remember that Western Union does not require a receiver to present a money transfer control number (MTCN) to pick up funds.
  • Do not send money using a fictitious recipient’s name. This will not protect you when purchasing from someone you don’t know.
  • Discontinue a call if a caller instructs you on how to respond to questions asked by Western Union.
  • Ask yourself: – Who is this person? – Does this money have to be sent immediately? – Does this offer sound too good to be true?
  • Security is everyone’s responsibility. Stay informed. Keep abreast of consumer fraud trends. A few excellent sources of information include your local newspaper and websites hosted by your government.
  • Remember, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Pay your satellite, mortgage, car payment and many other bills in one place, quickly and securely for a fee of $15.00. To find out which companies accept this Western union, call 1-800-235-0000 or visit your nearest Eazy Cash Locatio


Pay for your rent, catalog purchases, and Internet auctions through the mail conveniently and reliably.

Money orders are a safe and reliable alternative to checks.

  • Buy money orders at participating Agent locations
  • Easy to cash – at check cashers, banks and retailers
  • Can be deposited directly into bank accounts

Call 1-866-578-4838 or visit our Customer Support section